“The Lapis rosary arrived today. It is absolutely stunning. I bought it as a gift. Now, I may have trouble parting with it. It is certainly the most beautiful rosary I have ever purchased. Thank you so much for your efforts. I will let people I know here about your work, and I will keep you in my prayers.”

- G.M.

“WOW ! This is the Holy Rosary in its form I was hoping for - I appreciate the high quality the Rosary was crafted... Decades are spaced evenly and align up perfectly, medals added to Rosary are placed wonderfully and on the same side, bead caps placed straight in alignment with beads and chain and ring adds a nice touch - Rosary is nice and tight and well-constructed... Truly couldn't be happier!”

- Eric

“The Sisters’ reputation for making beautiful, durable rosaries precedes them. I mentioned to my priest that I had been searching the web to find a high quality, custom made rosary to give to my husband for his birthday. I asked him if he knew anything about The Sisters of Carmel and the kinds of rosaries they made. He replied that he did. He had ordered a few rosaries for gifts from the sisters in the past. He confirmed how sturdy and lovely they were, and that he had no doubt they would last for many years to come. Suffice to say, I went ahead and ordered a rosary from the Sisters of Carmel and was not disappointed. My husband’s rosary truly is a thing of beauty. Being able to customize it to his personal likes and preferences was a little like going on a detective hunt. It was a fun process to design it, and the sisters themselves were an absolute pleasure to deal with. I could not be more delighted with the end result!”

- Lily

“Just what I wanted and more. I love how the feel of the wooden beads as they slip through my fingers. The chain is both sturdy and beautiful. The rosary does not tangle at all. The crucifix was so much more than I expected. You could not find a rosary of comparable quality anywhere. What is wonderful about the sisters' rosaries is that you can have the customized to your preferences. I wanted large, round, wooden black beads. This is the second rosary I have ordered from the sisters. They are both aesthetic and durable. This would make a lovely gift.”

- Patricia Dilgard

"I purchased the garnet rosary with cabochons and pardon crucifix. It is absolutely beautiful. It is very heavy, an indication of the quality materials used. The Sisters' work is wonderful. I have plans for future rosary purchases in the future"

- Glynis

“I recently purchased a cord rosary from the Sisters of Carmel. I have to say the quality and craftsmanship was far beyond my expectations. I was so impressed I ordered two more rosaries as gifts. God bless the Sisters of Carmel and God bless your ministry! Your rosaries, in my opinion, are of the finest quality anywhere.”

- Chris

“Sister, thank you for making my beautiful rosary with ebony wood inlaid crucifix, black cocoa beads, brass Paters and a gold filled Sacred Heart medal. I now have a very striking and unique rosary that I will treasure forever. Thanks for taking the time to work with me on putting together this combination of ebony, brass and gold parts which greatly enhances the rosary. This combination of parts makes a great rosary for a man. Having a beautiful rosary inspires me to pray the rosary more.”

- Michael, West Virginia, USA

“The custom rosary you made me with the Pardon Crucifx I sent you has arrived! All I can say is WOW! It is really lovely and will be very dear to my heart. You are right; those large carved olive wood beads are very, very nice. They feel wonderful in the hand. I could not be more pleased! As always, your craftmanship is so awesome there are no words to describe! How DO you make these wonderful tiny IDENTICAL loops? I have never seen such perfection! Thank you, thank you! The centerpiece you chose is perfect!”

- A.Z.

“Thank You Falls Short of My Gratitude – I received the rosary that you handcrafted for my future son-in-law. I was elated to see the beauty of the black mother of pearl beads and the stunning sterling silver crucifix. I am certain you have heard this many times before, but your hand detailing on this rosary is extraordinary. But what I am most appreciative of is that it was made with loving hands and hearts interceding for my future son-in-law.”

- Rita, Michigan, US

“I purchased this rosary for my upcoming baptism, and couldn’t be more impressed with the design and quality. I thought the image displayed on the website was beautiful, however it pales in comparison to the actual product. The design is more than beautiful it is exquisite. If you are on the fences whether are not to purchase a rosary from the Carmelite Sisters, I would suggest that you make the purchase because you won’t be disappointed. I know this rosary, if God is willing will be an heirloom that will be a part of my family and faith journey for years to come. Thank you Sisters for your charity of grace and love that the Father has bestowed on you, because it is felt every time I place this rosary around my neck!”

- Gilbert W.

“I received my custom rosary yesterday. A million thanks! It exceeded my expectation and is simply exquisite. I have not owned a rosary of this quality or beauty, and I could not be happier with it. It is the personal prayer instrument I have wanted for a long time. You did a wonderful job finding the right beads to complement my crucifix, and the tones blend as if they were always meant to be together. It compels me to pray...I picked it up at least 20 times since yesterday. It is very special to me for many reasons, and I am comforted knowing it was handmade by the Sisters. I will treasure it always. I can’t find enough words to express my thanks and appreciation.”

- Maria, Colorado, USA

“My custom rosary has arrived safely, thank you. It is an exquisite work of art that I shall always treasure. As soon as I held it, I could feel the sincerity of the love and the prayers that went into it while it was being made. The rose quartz and the white Czech Lampwork Rose beads complement each other beautifully. Thank you for the prayer card and the handwritten tab on the rosary and also for having it blessed by a priest...all extra personal touches that show that you care. I shall order again from you in the future.”

- Eva Maria, Birmingham, United Kingdom

"I was amazed at how beautiful the custom turquoise Rosary I ordered for my wife turned out. I know she will be uplifted and honored by its beauty and love built into it. This is the first nice Rosary she has ever had. It will be an heirloom for future generations."

- Joe, New Mexico

“This is my second Rosary from the Sisters and the structural quality of their Rosaries reflects quality and beauty. The wood beads and the wire coiled strongly will look beautiful for years to come. My grand children will be able to pray with and cherish.”

- Russel Trippe

“I received my chaplet the other day and it is very beautiful. It was even lovelier than I imagined! I have never seen one like it – certainly it is nothing one can get at a local religious supply store. Obviously, a lot of care and craftsmanship went into the making of the chaplet – it is a work of art. I appreciate the loving care that resulted in such a special sacramental.”

- A.Q., New York, USA