Religious Relic Badges

third class relic, relic badge, handmade, crocheted

Handmade by the Sisters - Beautiful crocheted edge - Third class relic enclosed*


“Intricate detail, meticulous work, old country tradition and definitely something that can be passed along to loved ones. The Sisters who make these are truly gifted artisans. The 'perfect' gift.”

- JD

“This is the most beautiful Sacred Heart Badge I have ever seen. The crochet workmanship is impeccable!”

- Cindy M.

“My family and I own several relic badges and all are top notch. They hold up well and the stitching is top quality, as are the people that make them. You won't be disappointed.”

- Angela Carrol

“I was delighted to receive this beautiful relic badge from the Carmelite sisters. The needlework matched the same high standard I've seen previously in their scapulars. The icon is lovely, in both the badge and the spectacular accompanying prayer card. How precious to a third class relic of the Blessed Virgin Mary! This badge can be used in the home, but it is also small enough to be carried easily on person, in a wallet or purse.”

- Anonymous

“As usual, the quality of the badges are outstanding, and are beautifully handcrafted. I have quite a few now and they are little treasures in my devotions throughout the day. Thank you so much to the wonderful Sisters who make them!”

- Regina Green

“Beautifully made - I use mine as a book mark! This is my new go-to site for items of quality and beauty. Their work is impeccable.”

- Stephanie

“This Relic Badge (St. Therese) is really very lovely. Very nicely made. As someone who crochets, I appreciate the fine work that went into this item. Thank you for offering this relic badge for those of us who love and venerate St. Therese.”

-Louis F.