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Stations of the Cross Crucifixes 

This beautiful devotion has its origin in none other than the Blessed Virgin Mary herself, for it is believed that after Our Lord’s crucifixion, she visited daily the different scenes of the Passion, and devout Christians imitated her example. In the early centuries of the Church, Jerusalem became the greatest place of pilgrimage in the world, with Christians coming from far and wide to walk the way of the Cross, following Christ’s very footsteps.

There are many requirements for obtaining the indulgences of making the Way of the Cross, but two in particular are important to mention. The first is that one must “travel” or move from station to station, which reminds us that essentially what we are doing is making a pilgrimage, especially a pilgrimage of the heart. We are re-visiting and remembering the moments of Our Lord’s holy Passion, which is why one must also meditate over each station. As the rosary unites us to Christ in all the important mysteries of His life, so the Stations (another Marian devotion), unite us even more particularly to the mysteries of His death.

More about this devotion, its practice, and the requirements for fulfilling the indulgences attached to it can be read here.