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Pardon Crucifixes 

Though relatively new (considering the Tradition of the Church), the Pardon Crucifix has become a beloved Sacramental for many Catholics. Besides its beauty, perhaps it is because this particular sacramental reminds everyone so vividly of that which each one of us so urgently needs, and that which we are often so reluctant to give: forgiveness. “Father forgive them.” This prayer, and Our Lord’s merciful heart is set before us once again when we use the Pardon Crucifix, so that with the example of Christ Crucified before our eyes, we may learn to ask pardon for our sins and generously impart forgiveness towards our neighbor.

The crucifix is well known for the personal love Pope St. Pius X had for it, as well as his remarkable interest in promoting it worldwide. He granted to its use many indulgences, including the Happy Death Indulgence, a blessing which is usually reserved to wood crucifixes only.