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St. Patrick 

St. Patrick, a Britain, as a young man was captured by Pirates and enslaved in Ireland. After his escape and safe passage back to Britain, he was sent back to Ireland as a missionary priest in the 5th century. He preached the Gospel to the Celtic polytheist and the Anglo-Saxons of that time. He became Bishop of Armagh and eventually Primate of Ireland. He is the patron saint of Ireland and his feast day is March 17th, which is a holy day of obligation in that country.

St. Patrick Christianized many of the pagan practices and beliefs of the Irish pagans to introduce Christian teachings and doctrines. His most famous is the shamrock, using it as a preaching devise to teach the truth about the Holy Trinity. He worked many miracles during and after his lifetime, the most famous being that he cast out all snakes from Ireland. Snakes do not live on that island even until this day.