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Rosary Repair 

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The Sisters do expert rosary repair, including restoration of treasured antique rosaries and replacement and substitution of missing beads and other parts. Please see below for instructions on how to send a rosary, basic price quotes, and frequently asked questions about our repair service.

Instructions for sending a rosary


-          We recommend sending rosaries to be repaired in either a padded mailer or box. Make sure that the rosaries are packaged well so that they do not move around inside, but please do not use tape or other adhesive to secure the rosary in the package as this can harm the finish on beads and/or metal parts.

-          Please include your name, email address, and any other information or special instructions you have for the rosary. Make sure the email address is typed or written clearly so that we can easily contact you.

-          Depending on the value of the rosary, you may wish to insure the package and add Confirmation of Delivery for your own peace of mind to know that the rosary has reached us safely.

-          Mail the package to the following address:

Carmelite Monastery
Rosary Repair
8540 Kenosha Driverosary cleaning,
Colorado Springs, CO

-          Please allow a few days after our receiving the package for us to evaluate your rosary. We will then contact you with any questions we have or information regarding the repair as well as the cost and instructions for sending payment. If you do not hear from us after a significant period of time, please check your junk email folder for our email and/or contact us.

-          If the Sisters have already given you a total for your repair, please click here to add the amount to your shopping cart.

-          We will  not begin the repairs until we have received payment in case you change your mind.   We generally ask four to five weeks time for the completion of repairs after the receipt of payment; though, the time may vary according the the extent of the repair needed and how many rosaries we are working on at the time.

-          If we do not hear back from you within three months, we will presume that you are no longer interested in having the rosary repaired. We will use the rosary in some way in our rosary repair apostolate, and cannot promise to hold on the packages that are over three months old.


Estimated costs


We need to see and evaluate each rosary before giving a final cost for the repair. Below are some general price estimates for different repair services, but please know that these costs are only estimates and may increase or decrease because of special bead sizes, types, rosary construction etc.

Simple general repair A couple of broken links, chain or missing beads (does not apply to cord or acu-flex rosaries which often need to be completely re-made when broken) $5 - $15
Involved general repair Many broken links, or missing beads (does not apply to cord or acu-flex rosaries which often need to be completely re-made when broken) $12 - $25
In-depth cleaning and/or silver polishing Only applies to certain rosary types (crystal, metal, most stones) $10 - $15
Staining and/or re-finishing Applies only to some wood beads $20 - $30
Complete rosary re-make Re-made according to our style of making rosaries – we do not do wire-wrapping and we sometimes eliminate extra jump rings

Nickel wire - $45 - $50

Sterling silver wire - $65 - $75

Gold filled wire

Cord - $35

Acu-flex - $40 - $50
Replacement of missing beads Only applies if we need to or you want us to order in special beads for the repair, we will otherwise use replacement beads from our large stock of donated antique rosaries and parts $0 - $5
Replacement of missing parts (crucifix or center) Only applies if you want a new center or crucifix, we will otherwise use replacements from our large stock of donated parts from old rosaries $2 - $10
Crucifix repair You will have to take the crucifix to a jeweler if you want to have a Corpus soldered on – we use a strong jewelry enamel for these types of repairs $5 - $10



Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take to repair my rosary?

 We usually ask four to five weeks time to complete rosary repairs. Simple repairs will often be shipped back sooner, but it depends on the number of rosaries we are working on at the time. If you need the rosary by a certain date, please be sure to let us know when you send it.


 Do you repair cord rosaries?

 Yes, but frequently if the cord has broken the only way to repair the rosary will be to re-make it completely.


 Do you repair broken Crucifixes?

 We have a strong jewelry enamel that we use in order to re-attach broken corpus’s to the cross. If the Corpus is missing, we are often able to supply one. However, we do not do soldering. If you want the corpus soldered back the cross we recommend taking the crucifix to a jeweler.


 Do you repair Scapulars?

 No, we do not repair Scapulars. See our Scapular information page for instructions on how to dispose of old and broken scapulars.


 Do you clean the rosaries?

 We give almost all rosaries a basic cleaning, and sometimes recommend a deeper cleaning for rosaries that would benefit from it. Some rosaries are not able to have a deep cleaning, since the polishes or cleaning process would damage the beads. To clean wood rosaries, we use an oil-based wood cleaner.


 Will your repairs last? Or will my rosary break again?

 We can never guarantee that a rosary will not break again, especially when working with old or antique rosaries and old and brittle beads and parts. We check through all rosaries after every repair to look for weak links and are sometimes able to prevent future damage by tightening or replacing them while the rosary is still here. We will let you know if we think the rosary is fragile and needs to be either re-made or treated with great care.


 Do you match missing beads and parts?

 As closely as we can. We have a very large collection of old beads and parts from all types of rosaries. Often we are able to match the beads exactly, but if we are not we come as close as we can. When choosing replacements for broken or missing centers and crucifixes that cannot be repaired, we do our best to choose one that matches the style of the rosary.


 I have a unique rosary or am in need of a unique repair not listed above. Will you be willing to do it?

 Please ask us! There are so many different kinds of rosaries that it is impossible to list them all here, as well as the different requests that people might have. We have worked on all types of rosaries, and it is rare that we come across something we are not able to repair.  


 What if I am afraid to send my rosary, a treasured family keepsake or antique, through the mail?

 We understand your concern. We recommend insuring your package and sending it priority or even express mail if you have concerns about the rosary being lost. Pack your rosary well! Rosaries sent in a paper envelope often do not make it to our door in one piece.


 Do you accept old rosaries or spare rosary parts as donations?

 Yes we do! Such donations of old rosaries and parts are what help our rosary repair apostolate be a success. It is because of donations like these that we are often able to repair someone’s treasured rosary. Please send any such donations to the address above. We would be most grateful.





 When I received my rosary that the Sisters of Carmel repaired I wept because it was so perfect. The rosary is a very simple one, but it means a great deal to me. The repair they made is so good that I feel like it will last forever! God Bless you Sisters for your hard work and expert care! – Veronica H.


Could not have been more professionally restored and handled in every respect. – Roberts


The quality of the repair was well above expectations! The match of the missing beads was wonderful. The repair of the chain was flawless. The service was exactly as described. The price was very fair. Thank you!  - Gene M.


I've already thanked the sisters for their fine workmanship in repair of my 40 year old rosary. They delivered everything they promised. I received 3 email status updates. This was a major restoration that entailed missing beads/ chain and crucified Christ missing from the cross. The repair was stunning and their upfront repair cost estimate was exactly what I ended up paying. Thank you once again sisters of the Carmelite. God bless you all    - Jeff


I was so happy to receive the rosary in much better condition than when I sent it! I wasn't sure how close to the original it would turn out, but I see that it was done so expertly! Thanks so much for extending the life of the rosary and the memories that come from it!  - Chris R.


I had two rosaries that were both meaningful to me. Both were damaged - one was missing a crucifix, the other was missing some links. I found the Sisters online. My questions were answered promptly, and the price was very reasonable. The two rosaries were returned to me in excellent shape...like new. I appreciate all that the Sisters did! – Jane L.


Dear sisters, you took a 100 year old rosary that was in pieces and restored it and it is so beautiful. I can now pray the rosary that was my aunt’s first communion rosary. Thank you so much. Anne Bb.


I sent my late father's Rosary for repair. The Sister's communicated with me every step of the way. The quality of work and replacement beads are stunning. The cost of the repair was very reasonable. I felt the repair was worth more than they charged and I ordered Scapulars for my entire family. I am so pleased. - Tim B.


The good sisters took the rosary from my first Holy Communion and restored it to great condition. It had been in pieces and was quite dirty from nearly 50 years of neglect. Tremendous job! - Robert B.


A rosary that one of my students gave me years ago broke in a way that I could not fix. I sent it to the sisters, and they were able to replace the broken piece (a medal with earth from Fatima in it) with another one that also had the Fatima earth in it. The rosary is beautiful and whole again, and everything was completed promptly at a very reasonable cost. - Anne F.


I almost never take the time to right reviews. But in this case, I want everyone to know how much of an amazing job the Sisters of Carmel did in repairing my rosary. It was the first rosary that I had ever been given and it has been with me through the birth of my children and the deaths of my family members. My smiles and my tears have landed on that rosary. The rosary needed many serious repairs and I tell you that the Sisters restored my rosary to very mint condition! It really is unbelievable the quality of the repairs that they made. They are extremely professional and the repairs in my case were very inexpensive. Most importantly, my rosary is back with me, providing me with great comfort and joy. I highly recommend the Sisters of Carmel for your rosary repair. Please be patient with them and you will get the highest quality repair that I believe is available. I believe that my repair took five, maybe......six weeks. I hope that this review helps someone and that your repair exceeds your expectations like mine did! God Bless You! - James M.


My old Irish horn rosary had 2 missing beads. You all matched the existing beads so closely that I am not sure which are the new beads. The cleaning and polishing of the beads makes it look like it did when it was new in the 1950s. - Fred K.


I am very pleased and in love with how my great grandmothers heirloom rosary turned out after having the Sisters restore it. It was battered, links broken and missing beads. An awesome job was done. I am so happy to have sent it to the Sisters for restoration and it was well worth the money and will suggest them for anyone. - Patti A.


My heart soared when I opened the package and saw my deceased mother's beautiful crystal and sterling rosary, not only repaired, with its crucifix reattached, but fully restored to an outstanding condition. The repairs are meticulously done and the articles were returned much more quickly than anticipated. Words can’t express how meaningful this is to me. The broken rosary made me feel that I had mistreated something deserving of more care and reverence. You have relieved me of that burden. I can’t thank you enough! - Maureen D.


I just received my two rosaries back from the Sisters and I am amazed at their repair! The two rosaries are from the Holy Land and were gifted to my husband and I as a wedding present- they mean a lot to us both. The rosaries were broken and missing many beads but the Sisters matched the beads so much so that I cannot determine which are new and which were there before! Impeccable job - well done and excellent price. Thank you and many blessing to your community! – Kristin


The Sisters did a great job restoring a rosary that has been in our family for a hundred years. They replaced the corroded links and a chipped bead, added caps to the Our Father beads and thoroughly cleaned the rosary. We were in contact with them throughout the process. We were very pleased when we saw the results. Thank you for the care and meticulous repair of this family heirloom. The Sisters did a great job restoring a rosary that has been in our family for a hundred years. They replaced the corroded links and a chipped bead, added caps to the Our Father beads and thoroughly cleaned the rosary. – Louis


The rosary repaired is approximately 70 years old, purchased by my mother when she was a young woman. The Sisters replaced the few missing beads and an exact replica of the crucifix as well as cleaning the whole rosary. The result is extraordinarily beautiful, showing me for the first time the lovely rosary my mother purchased and prayed with all those years ago. She is now 94 years old and I can present her with her beautiful clear crystal rosary which holds so many precious memories and blessings. Thank you, Sisters, for the love and care you put into these precious objects. – Rich M.


I sent my vintage rosary for repair (several beads were missing), and when I received it back, it was flawless! I couldn't even see a difference between the vintage beads and the new-- they blended perfectly! And the cost was so reasonable! I am so happy!. – Joseph


The rosary has been returned and repaired perfectly! It was a special rosary given to my from my Godmother. Unfortunately I was washed in the machine and even though I had all the pieces I never thought it would be back in exactly the same condition. It has been beautifully, lovingly repaired and I am most grateful. Thank you so very much Sisters! – Loesje T.

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