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Rosary Repair

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“I received my 50 year-old rosary which needed rewiring and redesigning. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. You retained all the original beads and crucifix as requested. You must have assigned the task to a sister that ‘fell in love with it’ because it was so well done. An old friend has come home. Thank you!” – Jim, Michigan, USA
Rosary repair
“I received my rosary today, and it was so beautifully restored that I cried. I remember these as a little girl, and my son remembered them at his beloved Grammy’s house. Now they will be passed on to a great-grandchild. Thank you for taking such good care of this very special 50+ year old heirloom. God surely smiles on such tender workings.” – Peggy, Texas, USA

The Sisters do expert rosary repair, including restoration of treasured antique rosaries and replacement and substitution of missing beads and other parts. We need to see and evaluate each rosary before giving a final cost for the repair. After you send it and we take a good look at its needs, we will contact you with that cost. Most repairs are under $30.

If you have old or broken rosaries or rosary parts that you will not be using again, we would be happy to take them off your hands. They would be a great help to the Sisters who repair rosaries. Please send them to the address below. We would be most grateful!

We recommend sending rosaries to be repaired in either a padded mailer or box. Make sure the rosaries are packed well so they do not move around inside, but please do not use tape or other adhesive to secure the rosary in the package as this can harm the finish on beads and/or metal parts. Depending on the value of the rosary, you may wish to insure the package and add a Confirmation of Delivery for your own peace of mind to know that the rosary reached us safely. We can do likewise on the return mail, if you wish. Feel free to e-mail us at the address below with any questions.

Please send your package to the following address, enclosing your email address (if you have one) and any information that may assist us with the repair:

Carmelite Monastery
Rosary Repair
8540 Kenosha Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80908-5004

E-mail us

If the Sisters have given you the total on your rosary repair, please fill in the amount below and add it to your shopping cart to pay for it.

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“I received the repaired rosary today. You have done a magnificent and beautiful job at replacing the missing crystal bead as well as cleaning/restoring the rosary. It is truly a remarkable piece. It is impossible to distinguish which bead was added--the rosary will become a treasured family heirloom. Thank you for restoring this rosary which is over 80 years old yet looks amazing as a result of the work of your hands!!” – Karl, West Virginia, USA

“Recently, the Sisters of Carmel reconstructed my grandmother’s rosary given to me upon her death in 1980. The rosary was destroyed recently when it fell off my nightstand and I ran over it with a vacuum cleaner. The rosary was in pieces with many beads broken and not more than 3 in a row still connected. It was in deplorable condition when entrusted to your care. I was overcome and sobbed with joy when I opened the package from the Sisters of Carmel. The reconstructed rosary is exquisite and beyond my wildest expectation, such artistry in matching replacement beads, craftsmanship and patience in the execution of the repair. It is more beautiful than new and clearly rebuilt with a loving heart. Thank you for this extraordinary gift. Deepest gratitude and respect,” – Monica, Virginia, USA

“I am completely speechless! I just received my rosary in the mail today, the special rosary that I sent to you for repair. In my wildest dreams, I never expected it to come back looking like brand new. This is such a special day! And, ironically, this day (March 11th) is the 24th anniversary of the passing of my grandmother who gave this rosary to me on my first communion in 1971. I am overwhelmed by the beautiful job that was done on this very special rosary. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all so much for the work you did. I cannot even tell which beads are the new ones! I am just so overwhelmed! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU so much!!” – Dianna, Massachusetts, USA

“I received my grandmother’s rosary back from you the other day. The work you did is absolutely beautiful. The rosary looks exquisite, and I cannot even tell for sure which bead you replaced. The match is amazing. I feel very happy to have found someone to restore this rosary that is so precious to me. Thank you for all of your beautiful efforts. What an art!” – Michelle, Oregon, USA

“Thank you for all your very careful attention to my project. God smiled on me the day I ‘Googled’ ‘rosary repair’ and found you.” – Janice, California, USA

“Thank you very much for the excellent job of repairing my father’s solemn communion rosary. It is truly a family heirloom. He would have been 99 this July. I estimate the rosary to be about 88 years old. It was missing the end portion and crucifix. The match is perfect in my opinion. No one in the greater Cincinnati area would even attempt to fix it. I have tried off and on for years to find someone. I am extremely pleased.” – Roger, Kentucky, USA

“The rosary arrived safe and sound. As I think I mentioned, the rosary belonged to my great grandmother. It was bought at her parish church (Knock Shrine, County Mayo, Ireland) and made of the cheapest materials because she could never afford anything fancy. The fact that it was used and used for years accounts for its sorry state when you undertook to restore it. I can’t really say that I consider your careful work to be simply a mere matter of restoration. Rather it seems to me to be a considered piece of crafted artwork. I can assure you that this rosary in its restored state will be treasured by me and passed on to younger members of my family, complete with my great grandmother’s story and the tale of how it travelled to America for its renaissance at your hands. Yours forever grateful.” – Jimmy, Wales, UK

“I just received my rosary repaired by Angels’ hands. I never thought it would look like new. The beads are exactly the same as the original ones, and the cross is stunning. Thank you for the hard work and the cleaning of the case.... My dad was the one who gave it to me. As I wrote you before, it has so much sentimental value that I can pass it on to my grandaughter.” – Maricarmen, Florida, USA

“What a miracle you have performed!!! Thank you so very much for repairing my rosary!!! For years, I thought I’d never be able to get it repaired. It was through a series of ‘strange and wonderful’ events that led me rediscover the rosary and learn about your work. The work you have done is absolutely beautiful. After years of living untouched in a drawer you can trust that this rosary will be prayed upon with much love and affection. Thank you so much.” – Donna, Maryland, USA

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