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Our Lady of Perpetual Help 

The image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help is considered to have come from the thirteenth or fourteenth century and is one of the only icons in the Western Church. It is considered the original image of “Our Lady of Sorrows,” where Our Blessed Mother holds Our Lord and comforts Him as He is presented, by the angels, with the instruments of His future passion. Our Lady is not looking at Her Son. Rather, she is looking at the viewer - at us. It is as if she asks us what we think, what are going to do in response, how we are going to help, seeing the sufferings of Her Son.

Pope Pius IX prayed before the image as a boy, and had the image crowned during his papacy. For centuries, this mysterious and attractive image has drawn young and old, good and bad, sick and well, to seek a mother's help in all their needs.