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Our Lady of Fatima 

In 1917 Our Lady appeared to three small shepherd children in the country of Portugal. She asked for prayers, especially that of the Rosary, and foretold the punishments that would afflict mankind if sinners were not converted. The Blessed Mother offered proof of Her mission during her last apparition on October 13th, with what has become known as “The Miracle of the Sun.” It is considered the most spectacular and public miracle, witnessed by thousands of people across the country, since the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.

Besides praying the rosary, Our Lady’s message was one of being faithful to our daily duty, of finding sanctity in the small details of life, of making reparation for the sins of our times, and of praying for the Church. “Many souls go to hell, because there is no-one to pray for them.” She also started the practice of the first Saturdays as reparation to her Immaculate Heart. More information about her important messages can be read in these Newsletters: The Miracle at Hiroshima and The Prophecies of the Sacred and Immaculate Heart, and Our Lady of Fatima and our Daily Duty.