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Holy Souls Remembrance


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The month of November will shortly be upon us, and our thoughts turn toward purgatory and the holy souls who dwell there for a time, expiating their faults. Holy Mother Church admonishes us to pray more especially for these souls, both known and unknown to us, during November.

A custom we keep in our chapel here is to place the names of deceased family members and other loved ones on our altars, and our priests faithfully remember these souls at each Mass offered during the entire month of November. We wish to invite you to send us, before November 1st, the names of your loved ones who are deceased, and we will be happy to include these souls in this great benefit of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for their speedy release and eternal peace. As many as four Masses are offered here at our chapel each day, and a remembrance of your deceased loved ones will be made at each Mass, each day of the month of November, starting on Holy Souls Day.

The customary offering for the remembrance is $10 or more for as many names as you wish to submit, and your donation will serve as a stipend for the priests who will be offering the Masses.

Click on the donation button below to make your donation. After completing your payment through Paypal, you will be re-directed to a form in which you can type the names of the Holy Souls you would like remembered.

The List for this year has been printed - We will start asking for 2019 enrollment in September