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Gold Filled 

Gold filled products give the look and feel of 14 karat gold for a fraction of the price. Gold filled, also called rolled gold or gold overlay, is made by heat and pressure bonding a layer of karat gold to a brass alloy core. The exterior of the product, everything you can see or touch, is a solid layer of karat gold, in contrast to gold plated items, which usually consist of a microscopic film of gold particles covering a base metal by an electroplating process. Due to the particles, gold-plate has the tendency to chip, flake and wear off. The gold layer on gold-filled products is approximately 100 times thicker than gold-plate, and due to its bonding process does not tarnish, chip or wear off. For this reason, gold filled items are generally considered lifetime products. All of our crucifixes are 14/20 Karat gold filled and have a lifetime guarantee.