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Devotions to Particular Patron Saints 

Holy Mother Church is ingenious in charity to aid her children - instilling that same charity in her children to help one another. Thus the beautiful doctrine of the Communion of Saints works "to build and to plant," helping, healing, assisting in all ways - all through the great, the new, commandment of Christ's love among the children of the Church. This is the inspiration behind the patronage of the Saints. Our patron Saint can be the one we are named after, one we are drawn to because of similarities in life or circumstance, or just an attraction of grace that draws two people together.

Many people are familiar with some of the special help certain saints give, for example, St. Anthony in helping to find lost articles, St. Jude for desperate causes, St. Peregrine for Cancer, or St. Joseph for a happy death. A list of common patronages for many saints can be found in our patron saint index.