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What is a Chaplet? Like the rosary, a chaplet is a sacramental. It consists of prayer beads, and on each bead one says certain designated prayers. As with the rosary, it is a way of employing our body and our senses while praying and can have both a calming and focusing effect, lessening distractions. Chaplets vary as widely as do the truths and wonders of our holy Faith. They are composed for the very purpose of enkindling, or rekindling, faith in those truths, as well as promoting greater understanding of them and greater fervor in believing, explaining and defending them. Very often, the prayers used for a chaplet will be passages from Holy Scripture or the Liturgy. These familiar and beloved texts attract both mind and heart, fostering a contemplative spirit while praying the chaplet. Like the Holy Rosary, which is prayed in union with the Virgin Mary, chaplets can have great power as true prayer, meeting the "Four Ends of Prayer": adoration, thanksgiving, reparation and petition.

Chaplets then focus on a particular aspect of the Faith - or of a person: the Holy Face of Jesus, for example, or His Sacred Heart. There are many chaplets composed in honor of Blessed Mother. Angels and numerous Saints have chaplets composed in their honor - to promote understanding of their lives of virtue and sacrifice - and to encourage our friendship with them and imitation of their virtues.

Chaplets are also known to be powerful aids in obtaining certain virtues, such as the Immaculate Conception Chaplet, which is prayed to obtain and preserve purity, or the Chaplet of St. Patrick which is a special prayer for an increase in Faith.