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Handmade, by nuns, brow scapular, scapulars, carmeliteHandmade by the Nuns   dot.gif   Made of 100% wool   dot.gif   Hand Embroidered Edge   dot.gif   Washable

 In the year 1251, Our Lady appeared to St. Simon Stock, a Carmelite. She handed him a brown woolen scapular and said, “This shall be a privilege for you and all Carmelites, that anyone dying in this habit shall not suffer eternal fire.” In time, the Church extended this magnificent privilege to all the laity who are willing to be invested in the Brown Scapular.  True devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary consists in three things: Veneration, Confidence, and Love. By simply wearing the Scapular, we can tell her every moment of the day that we venerate her, love her and trust in her protection.  Read More     Common questions about the Scapular