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Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity 

Not as well known as her contemporary St. Therese, Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity was another heroic soul of the Order of Carmel, reaching perfection and dying of Addisons’ disease at the young age of twenty-six. She was a fiery and short-tempered child, who learned early in life how to curb her temper and felt called to a vocation. Her mother was reluctant to consent to her vocation, and Elizabeth spent several years trying to win her consent, finally entering the Carmel of Dijon, France at the age of twenty-one.

After reading the autobiography of St. Therese who had died only two years earlier, Elizabeth made her own offering to Divine Love: “Make me a martyr of your love… Take from me the freedom to displease you…I want to always do your will, to respond always to your grace. My Master, I want to be a saint for your sake, be you my sanctity, for I know my weakness… May my every heartbeat be a cry of gratitude and love.” She is best known for her depth of understanding about the indwelling of the Holy Trinity. She believed her name “Elizabeth,” which means “House of Bread,” as an indication of her vocation within Carmel, to be a perfect dwelling place for the Trinity.

After much suffering, she gave up her soul to God on November 9th, 1906. Her last words were, “I am going to Light, to Love, to Life!”